Pie Social 2014: Who Won Our Pie-Ku Contest?

Once again this year, Phoenix, you take the cake, er, pie for poetry! We had many excellent entries in our Pie-Ku contest, and two lucky winners -- as well as a runner up.

The winners will join our line-up of esteemed judges at Pie Social this Saturday, Nov. 15. The event opens to the public at 2 and goes till 5 p.m. at the at the "What Should Go Here" Pop Up Park on the northeast corner of Second Street and Roosevelt. The Senators will be performing. Admission to the event is free and tasting tickets will be sold five for $10. Or you can bring two pies to donate to the community table and get those five tickets free. Either way, come hungry.

And now, here are the winners of the Pie-Ku contest.

The first winner is from Brendan Mahoney:

fruit or cream both good flaky buttery brown crust on Anita's face

And the second winner comes from Hattie Hayes:

Haiku, like pie crust, Crumbles when you press too hard. Don't overthink it.

Finally, we had a runner up, Hydie Edwards, who wins a set of tasting tickets and will pinch-hit in case another judge can't make it:

My late Aunt Mary Somewhere baking blueberry Best pie in the sky

Thanks to all who entered -- we hope to see everyone eating pie on Saturday!

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