Pie Social

Pie Social 2015: Here's the Celebrity Baker Lineup

This post has been updated!

We are totally blown away by the love of pie in this town.

In six years we've never come close to having our Pie Social celebrity chef roster fill so quickly. But in well under a week, every slot was taken for the New Times/Roosevelt Row Pie Social, which will take place Saturday, November 21 at the "What Should Go Here" Pop Up Park on Roosevelt Row. And there's already a waiting list. 

It's an amazing lineup and we're only sorry we can't take everyone due to space constraints — but it was first come, first served, as announced. 

We'll get you more details in coming weeks, including the names of all the bakers and their profiles, but for now, here's the lineup:
  • Adam Allison, SuperFarm
  • Benedict's Catering
  • Jeff Kraus, Crepe Bar
  • LaDawn Driscoll, Liberty Market
  • Christopher Collins, Grassroots
  • Danielle Morris, Earnest
  • Julie Moreno, Jewel's Bakery and Cafe
  • Jobot
  • Audrey Enriquez, Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Kai Restaurant
  • nocawich
  • Country and Sergio Velador, Super Chunk
  • Lisa Levinson, The Bakery PHX
  • Virginia Senior, Urban Beans
  • Traci Zitzer, Urban Table
  • Casey Hopkins-Johnson, Welcome Diner/Welcome Chicken and Donuts

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