Pie Social! Call for Entries in Our Third Annual Event on Roosevelt Row

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Fall is in the air (hey, a girl can dream, right?) which means it's time for PIE.

Are you ready for the third annual Pie Social? Chow Bella and Roosevelt Row are looking for entries in the professional baker category of our contest -- and don't worry, as usual there will be an opportunity for everyone to make and eat pie.

We've got the date and location nailed down. Now we just need you to figure out which recipe you'll try this year....

Pie Social 2012 will take place Saturday, November 3, from 2 to 6 pm at the RO2 Lot at 2nd Street and Roosevelt.

As in years past, we will have a category for "celebrity" bakers and one for community bakers. If you prepare your pies in a commercial kitchen (and can prove it) you can enter the celebrity category. If not, no worries -- you can still enter in the community category.

(Note: The county makes the rules, not us, folks -- so we apologize in advance for any disappointment, but we don't have any wiggle room on this one.)

CELEBRITY BAKERS: You will need to bring 12 pies, along with someone (like you) with a food handler's license to serve. According to Maricopa County Health Department code, pies must be made with "non-potentially hazardous food." That means no dairy and no meat fillings. If a chef does choose a dairy or meat filled pie, they must keep the pie at 45 degrees or below OR 135 degrees or above during the event. (And we will have electrical hook-ups but you would otherwise be responsible for making that happen.)

COMMUNITY BAKERS: Two pies per entry, no meat and dairy fillings.

Your two pies will get you five tasting tickets, OR you can buy five tasting tickets for $10. The event will benefit the Bioscience Arts and Green Shovel clubs.

More details on the event will be coming soon, but for now we are looking for celebrity bakers to enter! (Community bakers, you just need to show up.)

If you'd like to enter -- or you have more questions -- please email Phoenix New Times Managing Editor Amy Silverman at amy.silverman@newtimes.com. CELEBRITY BAKERS MUST ENTER BY NO LATER THAN 5 P.M. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, TO GUARANTEE A SPOT IN THE CONTEST.

Stay tuned for more details about new activities at this year's event. Get excited, Phoenix!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.