Pink Spot Offers Up New Lunch Wraps and Holiday-Themed Ice Cream

Pink Spot Offers Up New Lunch Wraps and Holiday-Themed Ice Cream

Been to the Pink Spot lately? Looks like they've been busy.

The all-day breakfast, coffee, and scoop joint in Phoenix has recently added lunch to its arsenal of eats in the form of six varieties of made-to-order wraps with ingredients like caramelized onions, croutons, pesto and cilantro cream sauces, and pico de gallo all made fresh on-site. Available all day and with a choice of a whole wheat, tomato or spinach wrap and side, creations such as the Billy Bobber (barbecue chicken, coleslaw and crispy onions), BLTA (a BLT with avocado), and the Veggie Weggie can be had for $6.25.

Then there's the cool part -- the ice cream.

Made courtesy of local, small-batch ice cream purveyor Karen's Kreamery, this month's featured ice cream is pumpkin praline with whiskey caramel sauce (GAH!) And, to sweeten the deal, the Pink Spot is offering a four pack of holiday-themed pints for $25 through the end of the year in the following flavors:

Eggnog Christmas Pudding Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Pumpkin Praline with Whiskey Caramel Sauce Gingerbread

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