Pita Jungle Has a Kids Menu -- Who Knew?!

Don't get us wrong. We love Pita Jungle. Adore it. Consider it a civic treasure (treasures, actually, as new locations continue to pop up around our metropolis).

We even like to take our kids there, though it's admittedly a little pricey with no kids menu, an omission we noted when we gave the joint Best Restaurant for Kids  just this year.

Wait a minute. Turns out, Pita Jungle does have a kids menu. And a darn good one.

We learned of this purely by accident last month, when we stopped by the Apache Blvd. location in Tempe with the fam. We ordered our typical smorgasbord of food (including a pita crisp and lemonade for each kid, along with the veggies and rice we adults scrounged for them off our own plates) and it wasn't til we went to pay that we noticed a flier for a kids menu poking out from under the bill.

To quote our 6-year-old, "What the?"

We asked the waitress about it; she happily provided a copy. It's a darn good kids menu, too, including:  

Choices of one from each of the following three categories: protein, greens and a carb. Plus a drink and a fruit cup. All for $4.95.

That's quite a bargain, considering we paid $2.99 each for two pita crisps and $2.69 each for two lemonades -- and the kids missed out on protein entirely, though we did force-feed them broccoli from our plates.

"Hey, why didn't you mention this?" we asked our typically friendly waitress as we handed over the credit card.

"Oh!" she replied, "You said you knew what you wanted when I handed you the menu, so I didn't offer you the kids menu. But it's a great bargain!"

She explained that the portions are so generous, she is able to feed both of her children from one kids meal. Then, with another big smile, she took her tip and was gone.

Again, don't get us wrong. We love Pita Jungle. We'll be back. But this time, we're on the lookout for that kids menu. You should be, too!


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