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Pita Jungle's Latest Ad Asks Some Tough Questions About Itself -- And Us: Discuss

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I know, I know, what with Breaking Bad, the Olympics, and now Shark Week, the last thing we need is something else to glue our peepers to.

But let's get introspective for a moment.

Scottsdale-based Pita Jungle, the Mediterranean-inspired healthy eating chain with over 15 locations throughout Arizona and California, has come out with its second commercial. Not anything like its first ad (whew!), which was loosely based on spaghetti Westerns, this one, called "Four Friends," takes a more contemplative path and features four people asking the tough questions about Pita Jungle -- and really, about ourselves.

Take a watch at the one-minute version of the ad (there's a thirty-second one out there, too) currently running in several Valley theaters and feel free to use these handy, thought-provoking conversation starters. Oh, and you might want to grab a few tissues in case there's a breakthrough.

- Is the fact that these four people are somehow talking to each other at the same time but at during different parts of the day a statement about how we will communicate in the future?

- "Hey man, how's it goin'?" Indeed. How is it goin'?

- Versus the men in this ad who are active, is the fact that the two women, one a mom watching her kid and the other a seemingly unhappy business professional staring forlornly out a window, really just another form of sexist advertising? I'll field this one: yes.

- Is Pita Jungle "chill?" Are you? Do welders prefer "chill" restaurants over non-chill ones?

- Okay, I think the office woman is saying, "Is it chic?" (What is it with the audio tracks on these Pita Jungle ads?) So, is Pita Jungle "chic?" Are you?

- Wait, what's the difference between "chill" and "sheik?"

- Really, not one of these people has heard of Pita Jungle?

- Does the lighting at the restaurant remind anyone of every video on mtvU?

- Does the back rub at :45 mean we should be comfortable enough with ourselves to give massages in restaurants?

- Back rubs, wine, feeding each other food: Who thinks there's gonna be some serious hooking up post Mediterranean platter? I thought so.

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