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Pitch Your Best Ideas Now for the Chow Bella Guide to Spring Training

For die-hard baseball fans, there's no better place to watch rundowns, shoestring catches, or tape-measure blasts than in Arizona during spring training season. And with the Valley's nine stadiums hosting 12 major league teams, baseball buffs can work up a sweat, and an appetite.

That's why The Chow Bella Guide to Spring Training is a baseball fan's dining and drinking dream come true. Need a superior sports bar in Surprise? A good gobble in Goodyear? A family-friendly place to taste in Tempe? Not to worry. The Chow Bella Guide to Spring Training has the scoop on places near the ball yard and away from the blah.

The Chow Bella Guide to Spring Training is coming soon, but it wouldn't be complete without a pitch or two from our readers. To find out how you help, follow the jump.

Submit your ideas for the following categories in The Chow Bella Guide to Spring Training by using the comment box below. Enter as many ideas as you wish and as often as you'd like. Be sure to include the name of the stadium they're near. Thanks in advance for the help!

Moon Shots: Pre-game and post-game drinking establishments

Table Setters: Family-friendly restaurants

Sweet Spots: Nicer dining experiences

Circus Catch: Places to spot players

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld