Wake Up Call

Pizza Delivery Guy Leaves His Own "Tip"

An Iowa Pizza Hut delivery driver took matters into his own hands by urinating on the doorstep of a woman who stiffed him on the tip. Sadly for him, the apartment complex caught the whole exchange on tape. Iowa's KCCI reports that the customer recognized that she did not have enough for both a pizza and a tip but still ordered delivery anyways.

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While she apparently knew she was doing a bad thing, she was still shocked to discover a telltale puddle of "yellow liquid" just outside her door. She contacted her apartment manager who pulled up the relevant security footage and contacted the Pizza Hut in question.

The original video from KCCI.com, showing the delivery guy taking a tinkle on the door can be seen here. There's a point in the video, just after the delivery guy starts heading off after being stiffed when you can see him pause and ponder his predicament. You can almost hear him saying, "It's not going down like that," just prior to marching back up the stairs and delivering his liquid statement to the doorstep.

Needless to say this man no longer delivers pizza for Pizza Hut anymore. He's also apparently made an apology to the customer and even returned to clean up his mess. Times are tough but maybe peeing on the wall isn't the best way to make your point.

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