Playboy Gets Hot and Bothered Over Pizzeria Bianco

Oprah and Martha and Rachael Ray have all declared their love for Pizzeria Bianco.

The term "gang bang" comes to mind.

Maybe that's why Chris Bianco's uber-famous downtown pizza joint is on Playboy's radar now, too.

Yesterday, Playboy published a roundup of the country's best pizza spots in its "Playboy's A List" feature. Obviously bulimia is the only thing on the menu for Playboy models, so this list is geared to all the horny folks at home who get hungry in between their web porn browsing.

Get an eyeful of the full list:

Modern Apizza -- New Haven, CT

Al Forno - Providence, RI

Ken's Artisan Pizza - Portland, OR

Tacconelli's - Philadelphia, PA

Pizzeria Mozza - Los Angeles, CA

Di Fara - New York, NY

A16 - San Francisco, CA

Serious Pie - Seattle, WA

Pizzeria Bianco - Phoenix, AZ

Coal Fire - Chicago, IL

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