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Poll: Sonoran Hot Dog or Prickly Pear for Arizona's Official State Food?

As you'll remember, in response to Macayo's recent ad campaign to anoint the Chimichanga as Arizona's official state food, we started our own very unscientific poll.

Some of our choices for the official state food included prickly pear, the Sonoran hot dog, and fry bread. Then we put it to you, our readers, to vote for your suggestion.

A total of 76 readers voted in the poll. Out of those, about 33 percent voted for the Sonoran hot dog. Prickly pear came in second with approximately 25 percent of the overall vote.

Now we want to know which of the two should be anointed the official state food: prickly pear or the Sonoran hot dog? Also check out some suggestions from local chefs.

Voting will close February 8th, and we'll post the results on February 9th.

Here are the full results from our initial poll:

The chimichanga came in third with 14 votes, or about 18 percent of the vote, followed by fry bread with 10 votes. Indigenous ingredients (with 3 votes) and the lowly L'itoi onion (1 vote) barely registered in the poll.

A few imaginative readers suggested other foods like "white bread and bitters," "Navajo taco," "pasole," and the "Black Sphinx Date."

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