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Pomegranate Café: Flavor-Packed Food That's (Holy S---) Healthy, Too

As a meat-eating gal of Midwestern stock, the phrase, "Hey, let's go eat some vegan!" might as well be translated to, "Hey, let's go chew our socks!"

But then, I hadn't been to Pomegranate Café.

The cheery little all-day breakfast and lunch spot in Ahwatukee doesn't advertise itself as vegan -- nor should it. Because no matter how you're eating (vegan, vegetarian, even raw), the emphasis at Pomegranate is nourishing, flavor-packed food and drinks. It's as simple as that.

Assembled from top-notch ingredients, Pomegranate's dishes are beautiful and vibrant, put together in smart combinations, and with a skillfulness not often found in many of the Valley's health-conscious restaurants.

Here's an excerpt from my review this week:

"There is a chunky wrap called the Rainbow, made with collard leaves stuffed with avocado, crunchy red and yellow peppers, tomato, carrot, sunflower sprouts, a "cheese" made with almonds whose texture is a little grainy -- and a side of cashew lemon dressing that makes the flavors from the vegetables come alive even more than you may have thought possible. The Grilled Cheese Napoleon is layered with melted cheese, sautéed seasonal veggies, and tomato and oozes a macadamia basil pesto that is wonderfully light and nutty between pieces of vegan bread that are also light and nutty, but with a slightly sweet edge. And a Smokin' BLT comes with the unique addition of crunchy cucumber slices and a mildly spicy chipotle aioli. (Note to carnivores: Tempeh bacon doesn't come close to the real thing, so it might be best to make another selection.)"

Hungry for more? Read the full review here.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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