Pop Culture: Vimto

Pop Culture: Vimto

We've tried a lot of sodas here on Pop Culture, but I think this is the first time we've had a British soda. Vimto, an old-timey British pop with a "mixed fruit" flavor. Those crazy limeys love it so much they freeze this stuff in to ice pops and cook it in to candies, it seems. We weren't quite as enthused.

Verdict: Vimto is cloyingly sweet without any identifiable flavor beyond "sweet." It's about as thick-bodied a soda as you'll find, and the aftertaste seems to clign to the back of the throat, but it's not very satisfying. I can;t really think of an occasion where I'd want to drink this.

Jonathan: If there's any fruit flavor in there, it's synthetic. It's 'fruit' with two oo's -- froot."

Jay: "It tastes like 'fruit' if 'fruit' were its own thing -- I can't tell you what kind of fruit. I couldn't drink it though, it's too sweet."

Peter: "It tastes like the juices at the bottom of the fruit salad my mom would make."


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