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Postino Owner Craig DeMarco Bringing New Concept to Central

He's already hit a home run with Postino Central, the just-north-of-Camelback eatery that's a spinoff of his ultra-popular Arcadia wine bar. Now restaurateur Craig DeMarco has his sights on something practically across the street.

DeMarco is excited about the circa 1940 building at Central Avenue and Oregon, a small strip mall with an unusual sandstone facade that has "tons of history," he says. One of the current tenants is Dee's International Hairport, "Where Rose Mofford gets her hair done."

Sometime next year, DeMarco hopes to open another restaurant in the 4200-square-foot building, and also bring in three small retailers.

He's researching ideas for the restaurant ("We don't even have a direction yet"), but says it will be a "neighborhood place" that's "kid-friendly," serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and has a lively bar.

In the meantime, DeMarco's got his work cut out for him.

"We're bringing this building back to its original 1940s condition," he says.

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Michele Laudig
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