Get ready to see a lot more Roy Choi in the future.
Get ready to see a lot more Roy Choi in the future.
Kogi BBQ

Prolific L.A. Food Truck Owner Roy Choi to Get His Own Show on CNN

Apparently CNN has decided that it wants to be known as the place to watch culinary badasses strut their stuff. You know what? We're really okay with that.

Most recently, food truck kingpin Roy Choi tweeted a few things that are making people think he might be following in the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and bringing some food love with attitude to the cable news network.

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A series of tweets from Roy Choi's Twitter account in the past few days seem to be insisting that he will, in fact, be getting a TV show on CNN in the near future and it seems from the hashtags that it will be called Street Food. That's really no surprise to fans of Choi's because the Korean fusion chef is one of the food truck movement's biggest mouthpieces and success stories with his award-winning Kogi BBQ.

According to Eater, a representative from CNN confirmed there is a show with Choi in the works without saying much more. Here's what Choi had to say about it on Twitter:

And most excitingly...

You hear that kids? Maybe Roy Choi will come to Phoenix and we can fill him full of Sonoran dogs in exchange for some Korean tacos. One can only hope.

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