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Psst, Anybody Out There Wanna Buy the Fresh & Easy Chain?

On Wednesday, Tesco, the English-based company and owner of Fresh & Easy, announced it was getting the hell out of the U.S. and selling its money pit grocery store chain that wouldn't let you touch the fruit, never had the brands you wanted, and made you check out your own damn self.

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Tesco got into America's grocery game in 2007 and currently has around 200 Fresh & Easy locations in Arizona, California, and Nevada. According to the Fresh & Easy website, the company hopes to sell the chain to a single operator and says they're "pleased to confirm there are no plans to close any portion of Fresh & Easy."

So, hey, um, anyone wanna buy this thing?

Although Fresh & Easy hasn't yet named a buyer, or a price, several news reports have indicated there's been interest from the company that owns the Aldi grocery chain and Trader Joe's.

But that seems unlikely.

Given the Valley's shit-ton of grocery store chains, one buyer for all the Fresh & Easy locations would have a hard time making it work in Phoenix. Tesco might say there aren't any plans to close Fresh & Easy, but plans change and giant companies pray at the altar of profits, not people. So see ya, Fresh & Easy, don't let the door hit your plastic-covered fruit on the way out.

Now, what's really going to happen?

In an interview with the Republic, Judi Butterworth, senior vice president with the Velocity Retail Group in Phoenix, says a more likely scenario will be that one purchaser "will buy the portfolio for a good price and offer the available locations for a variety of uses, from charter schools and daycare centers to satellite medical clinics."

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