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The fast and the furious: Even impatient cooks can use these recipes

Contrary to popular belief, I do not eat at restaurants seven nights a week. If I'm lucky, I'll have a fridge full of goodies -- not to mention the time -- to put together a nice meal. But I'm a lot more likely to come home with frazzled nerves and fried eyeballs, in need of a nap and some ibuprofen. And once my hunger kicks in, look out (just ask my sweetie): me getting low blood sugar can be a prelude to war.

But Food Network star Robin Miller's new book, Quick Fix Meals, will make it a lot harder for me to justify calling for pizza delivery or resorting to a bowl of cereal. She's packed her new tome with 200 recipes for super-speedy cooking, with truly tasty-sounding dishes, like wild mushroom tart with broccoli rabe and goat cheese, or curried lamb chops with cucumber relish. Amazingly, they're made to be served up in 20 minutes or less, which is just about the amount of time I can work in the kitchen before I start raiding the cupboards for some pre-dinner snacks.

Robin's no newcomer to the publishing world; she's already written six books. And did you know, she's an Arizonan, too? You'll be able to meet the gal in person on Sunday, April 1, when she does a demo and book signing at Sur La Table at Kierland Commons.

This book isn't in stores yet, but I'll send a copy of it to one lucky Chow Bella reader. Just email me at [email protected], and tell me about your own favorite "quick fix" recipe. Be sure to add your name and mailing address, and send it by 9 a.m. on Monday, March 12. I'll pick one winner at random, and will post some of the best entries on the blog next week. If you don't want your name to be mentioned on the web, just say so.


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