Chow Bella

Raw Milk: Buy It in Arizona, But Buyer Beware

While it may sound foreign to some, the sale and consumption of raw, unpasteurized milk is going on right under your nose. 

Well, maybe not that close -- but definitely in our fair city. 

Call this The Guide to Most Everything You Wanted to Know About Raw Milk But Didn't Begin to Know to Ask. 

We'll tell you everything from where to buy the stuff to why you might want to drink it -- to why you might not want to drink it. 

You may have heard the latest story NPR did on the subject this week. Big debate. And even though it's perfectly legal to sell and consume the stuff in Arizona, the controversy over its safety still impacts not only consumers, but independent farmers, large scale dairy manufacturers, and even politicians. 
(learn more -- including the Ick Factor -- after the jump)

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Sarah Ventre