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The one unequivocal entree success? That would be the wild game of the day special, farm-raised elk. It comes thin-sliced and pan-sauteed, coated with an intensely fruity raspberry glaze, cleverly teamed with cranberry-flecked rice.

Desserts also fall short of their former glory.
The B-52 cheesecake is all texture, no taste. The tequila-lime torte, lined with coconut, berries and papaya, is too dense and heavy. It took an off-the-menu baked Alaska that our server cheerfully prepared at my request to fully engage the group's sweet tooth.

When you shell out triple-digit dollars for a special-occasion meal, you have a right to expect perfection. Right now, a few months into the post-Razz era, Different Pointe of View doesn't yet meet those expectations.

Razz's Restaurant and Bar:
Baked cheese
in phyllo dough
Black bean
Mahimahi special

Different Pointe ofView:
Stuffed quail
ahi tuna
Farm-raised elk
Tequila-lime torte

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Howard Seftel