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Read This: Beckett's Kitchen Table

Justin Beckett has lately become of the most social media-savvy chefs in the whole metro area, and he doesn't even have a restaurant right now.

Which is why his online musings are so clever. The former chef at the defunct Canal restaurant in Scottsdale is making good use of his free time by blogging about his home cooking escapades on a Facebook page called Beckett's Kitchen Table -- and then Tweeting about his posts.

Beckett's been developing a new restaurant concept called Beckett's Food For the Neighborhood, and looking for a space to put it (potentially in Central Phoenix).

In the meantime, he's been cooking up a storm at home, posting all sorts of lovely food porn, sharing recipes, and interacting with friends and fans through the Facebook wall and comments section.

I love his remark, "Even chefs eat the basics sometimes. Grilled cheese on brioche with muenster and cheddar." Yes, please! Even Beckett's "basics" sound appealing, and the images are just as drool-worthy.

A very brilliant way to stay in the public eye -- more chefs ought to consider using social media like this.

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Michele Laudig
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