Reading: Feasting in Phoenix

Blog name: www.feastinginphoenix.com

Who writes it: The author of the blog is named Seth Chadwick, a 40-something with a passion for food. The blog's been around since 2005 and contains hundreds of reviews from eateries around the Valley and, occasionally, the country. Most reviews are of American or fine dining restaurants, but Chadwick's also covered cuisines ranging from Ethiopian to Native American.


Why you should visit it: Lucky for us, even though this isn't a prominent publication's blog, Chadwick dines out often and eats well. The most recent post is for the upscale Modern Steak, where he and his husband spent almost $150 on dinner. For a basic blog, readers are treated to some very fancy excursions. He also takes great pictures, which really illustrate what he's talking about. The only complaint is that sometimes the reviews get a little too wordy, but if you have the time to read everything, the blogs are extremely comprehensive reviews.

Our favorite post: After drooling outside Tarbell's window this past weekend, we had to read Chadwick's take on the fancy place with an Iron Chef winner in the kitchen. While we probably can't afford to go to Tarbell's any time soon, at least we can live vicariously by reading this post.  

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