Wake Up Call

Real Actors Bring Hilarious Gravitas to Real Yelp Reviews

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Have you ever read an Yelp review so outlandish and melodramatic that you wished you could gaze into the face of the person who wrote them? Wait no longer, the fine people at Gotta Kid to Feed Productions have produced a series of videos in which real actors real actual Yelp reviews, in the most dramatic way possible.

So far there have been four such videos The most recent of which includes Greg Hildreth, a Broadway actor who brings the requisite amount of hurt and betrayal to his interpretation of a 1 star review of a popular Asian restaurant chain. It's basically the opposite of the friendly Olive Garden Review by Marilyn Hagerty.

In the very first of these vidoes, Chris Kipiniak of Law & Order fame delivers one of the greatest straight faced reviews of the lot. He does a fantastic job conveying the thinly veiled neurosis of a Yelp reviewer that gave a restaurant a one star review purely because the manager was not sufficiently happy to hear that the reviewer enjoyed his meal. Kipiniak does some awesome hurt puppy dog eyes.

A previous video has SVU's Therese Plummer reading a 4 store review for a London Indian restaurant. It's worth watching if only to see her beautifully enunciate, "Minus one star for the expensive biryani and for turning me into a human flamethrower."

And finally there this patriotic themed performance by Brian O'Neill of Damages. Anyone who has worked an open bar at a large event has likely met this Yelp reviewer, although they probably were not as articulate about their dissatisfaction after their third vodka.

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