Recent Restaurant Closures

Nothing lasts forever. Here's a rundown of the latest local eateries to throw in the towel.

In Phoenix, Lil' Mama's Soul Food Restaurant is gone, alone with the award-winning Wicked Bakery (that one was a bit of a surprise) and downtown breakfast joint Palatte. As for Ninetta's Passion Bistro, well, their liquor license is expired, their number is disconnected and their website is down, so it's probably safe to say they're also kaput.

Tempe's Chill fro-yo joint closed as well. Elsewhere in the East Valley, Sautee in south Chandler is gone. Scottsdale has lost the notorious Pink Taco, Lyte Lounge, Rio Sabor Brazilian Steakhouse, and 3 Tomatoes and a Mozzarella's north Scottsdale outpost.

On the west side, Fox Sports Grill at Westgate City Center in Glendale just bit the dust.


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