Recipe: Pablo Escobar Bomber from Pussycat Lounge

"It's helped make me successful because they're usually bringing in their friends with them," he says. "Like if I think its gonna be a slow night, I call up my friends and they show up with a crowd of people."

And Gurian sometimes rewards their loyalty by mixing up some special concoctions in tribute.

"When my friends order drinks, depending on how busy I am or if it's their birthday, I'll make a shot and name it after them," he says. "People like it when you make them something different. You can go anywhere and have a vodka tonic, but if you create something unique for someone they'll feel special. I also like changing thing up because I get sick of making stuff like grape bombers all the time."

So does that mean that Gurian was buds with Pablo Escobar, the infamous cocaine kingpin whose moniker graces one of the beefcake bartender's signature drinks?

​Hardly. This particular creation was born in the aftermath of a night of hard drinking.

"I came up with this one when I was really hung over onetime and wanted a drink," he says. "I called it the Pablo Escobar because obviously everybody knows who he is and what he did and it's something to wake you up."

Gurian also has a certain affinity for caffeine, so it's only natural that the shot is loaded with the substance and is guaranteed to pry open your peepers. While it might not replace your morning coffee anytime soon, the drink could serve as a pick-me-up before heading out for a night of clubbing. Here's how to make it:

The Pablo Escobar Bomber:
1½ ounces Van Gogh Vodka Double Espresso vodka
½ ounce of Starbucks Coffee Liqueur
4 ounces of Red Bull

Pour the Red Bull into a standard pint while mixing the Van Gogh and Starbucks Liqueur into a shot glass. Drop the shot into the Red Bull and slam the whole thing down. Prepare to be awake for the next few hours.

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