The Rhythm and Blues, as created by Mona Watkins.
The Rhythm and Blues, as created by Mona Watkins.
Benjamin Leatherman

Recipe: Rhythm & Blues From Rhythm Room

The Rhythm Room has built a reputation over the past two decades as the Valley's premier destination to hear the best in rootsy, down-home music like the blues, Americana, and rockabilly.

But what about its drinks? Not so much.

That's not to say that bartender Mona Watkins doesn'has never gotten some kudos for her skills at mixing drinks. Living legends Willie "Big Eye" Smith and Leon Blue are particular fans of one creation she whipped up for them back in 2007 called the Rhythm and Blues.

It's a tart yet sweet combination of the citrusy Rhythm Liqueur and Blue Curaçao that pleased their palates and had them asking for the recipe. According to Watkins, no money was exchanged for the drink, but rather something better.

"They were really digging the drink, so I told them I wanted to go on a tour of all the cool juke joints in the Deep South," she says. "The places that aren't on the map or are in someone's home where you can hear really good music. So we traded lists: I wrote down the recipe and they gave me the inside scoop to the best places in Mississippi."

You too can enjoy the beverage, but you won't have to bust out with any privileged information to do so.

Rhythm and Blues:
1 ounce of Blue Curaçao
2 ounces of Rhythm Liqueur
Splash of sweet and sour

Chill both the Rhythm and the sweet and sour and pour it into a martini glass. Add the Blue Curaçao, which should sink to the bottom and create a layered effect. Garnish it with fruit or a cherry if desired.

Watkins guarantees you won't be singing the blues after a few sips.


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