Rename SanTan Brewery's Sun Devil Ale

If you've ever wanted to name a beer without the effort and work required to, you know, brew it, this is your chance. SanTan Brewery is holding a contest to rename what used to be called the Sun Devil Ale after receiving a "cease and desist" letter from Arizona State University. They don't seem too happy about it.

"When we first brewed the Sun Devil Ale, the intention was to create a local hand-crafted product with a name that reflects our participation in the local community," said Anthony Canecchia, owner and head brew master of SanTan Brewing. "We decided not to fight Michael Crow's empire and instead will let our loyal patrons come up with an alternate name."

That alternate name could score you a keg of the brew formerly known as Sun Devil Ale as well as other prizes. Good luck to the nutty punsters out there.

Check out the official rules and entry form.


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