Restaurant Week 2011: Spasso Pizza & Mozzarella Bar

Ever since celeb chef Mario Batali opened his Osteria Mozza in LA, the international trend of mozzarella bars has been slowly spreading across America. Other notable mozz bars include New York's Obikà (which originated in Rome) and Naples Tomato in Florida.  

Spasso Pizza & Mozzarella Bar in the old Pie Zanos space at Town & Country plaza is Phoenix's latest stab at the mozzarella bar concept.

This is nothing like the chic, modern, sushi-inspired ObikÃ. There's no physical cheese bar, but instead a menu of three housemade cheeses. 

Spasso's interior is designed to replicate the kind of cozy sidewalk cafe you'd find in Paris or Rome, complete with painted storefronts and a small, lighted tree. Unfortunately, the tables are squished so close together that a server kept accidentally banging my head with a tray as he went out the patio door.

Our server didn't even remember it was Restaurant Week until we reminded her, but despite little setbacks like these, the food impressed. 

See whether a $30 Restaurant Week dinner at Spasso is a bargain or a bust, after the jump...

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Wynter Holden
Contact: Wynter Holden