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Richie Moe Now Behind the Bar at Bink's Midtown and Scottsdale; Here's the New Menu

For the last year Bink's Midtown, which opened in March 2013, and Bink's Scottsdale, which opened in December 2013, have earned reputations as great places for seasonal American cuisine. But neither restaurant has really established itself as a destination for cocktail enthusiasts -- at least, not until now.

Mixologist Richie Moe, formerly of Citizen Public House, has taken a position as head bartender for both restaurants and has introduced a new cocktail menu available at both restaurants. The new selection of cocktails brings a little drama to the Bink's bars, and features an apt-y named "Moe"scow Mule, made with American Harvest organic spirit vodka.

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Moe is in the process adding some new spring cocktails to the list, but for now here's the menu that will available until spring:

Avion silver tequila, simple syrup, asian citrus foam, seasonal lime, chili salt, rocks 12

Clear Skies Aviation Aviation gin, clarified lemon juice, maraschino liqueur, crème de violette, up 13

Maple Butter Manhattan Butter washed Russell's Reserve, Carpano Antica, maple, angostura, orange peel, up 13

Garden 2 Glass Daiquiri Wray & Nephew rum, grapefruit, lime, maraschino liqueur, basil, saffron oil, up 13

Vin A Trois Loaded vodka, late harvest wine, lemon, sparkling wine, pinot noir sugar, up 12

Glowing Star Sazerac Bulleit rye, Peychaud's, sugar, flaming star anise, lemon peel, neat 12

"Moe"scow Mule American Harvest organic spirit, ginger beer, lime, cucumber, rocks 12

Bink's Layered Sangria Pomegranate syrup, fruit schnapps, fresh juices, house wine, rehydrated fruit, rocks 12

Though the menu certainly steps up the offerings at both restaurants, we'll be curious to see if execution poses a problem. This type of craft cocktail menu requires a well-trained bar staff to put out consistently well-made drinks. On a recent visit to Bink's Midtown to try a few new drinks, the Glowing Star Sazerac fell far short of expectations undoubtedly due to a bartender who had to refer to the recipe several times while making the drink.

It's been almost a year since Moe split ways with Citizen Public House and business partner Bernie Kantak. Citizen Public House and its sister restaurateur, The Gladly, have been left in the hands of Brandon Casey, who worked under Moe prior to his departure.

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