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Rito's Mexican Food: Celebrating Over 30 Years of Super-Secret Success, But Why?

Nothing. No flashing "open" neon sign, no guideposts, no outdoor banners screaming, "Curt Schilling Loves Our Green Chile Burro!" or "Guy Fieri Got the Brush-Off Here!" For over 30 years, Rito's Mexican Food has been hidden in an off-the-beaten-path neighborhood in Central Phoenix, with only in-the-know insiders able to track down its classic Mexican fare.

Like the establishment, owner Rosemary Salinas hasn't changed much in 30 years either. At 67 she's still cooking, managing, and keeping her employee-daughters in line. So this Fry Girl has to ask, when the only think constant is change, what's the secret to Rito's longstanding success and what the hell is Chris Bianco doing there? Find out in this week's Fry Girl review.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld