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Rock A Belly Food Truck: "Like the Love Child of an East Coast Diner and an Arizona Taco Shop"

Talk to chef-owner Jordan Murray about his new food truck, Rock A Belly, and it isn't hard to figure out what he's passionate about.

With a love of rockabilly (Murray's a member of the Phoenix-based psychobilly band Stitch Hopeless and the Sea Legs), cooking, his Pittsburgh roots, and Arizona, Murray hopes to offer something different to the Valley's food truck scene.

"The food is kind of like the love child of an East Coast diner and an Arizona taco shop," he says.

But these aren't the tacos you might be thinking of.

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Murray, who attended the Scottsdale Culinary Institute on a scholarship before working at gigs like Canadian-based Earl's Restaurant and a catering company in Chandler, says that although he loved being an executive chef, he wanted to step out on his own and create a fun, new concept.

"The peppers here in Phoenix pair well with the flavors of Pittsburgh," Murray says. "And when it comes to the sandwiches, everything will look like a taco."

A taco that, technically, isn't, Murray is referring to the "rock-o," an Arabic bread he says is a kind of mix between a naan and a pita. Rock a Belly's menu features five of Murray's six musically themed signature sandwiches on a rock-o, with ingredients like Tillamook cheddar, Arizona-grown tomatoes, and bacon from The Pork Shop in Queen Creek. Guests also can customize their own sandwich.

"Growing up in Pittsburgh, all you see is black and gold," Murray says. "I want to represent Phoenix in the same way."

Along with Murray, the Rock A Belly team includes co-owners Scott Trotter and Patrick Keegan and chef Chrissy Trombley, who previously worked with Murray.

Rock A Belly makes its Valley food truck debut from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m, today at the Phoenix Children's Hospital. To see where it'll be next, follow Rock A Belly on its Facebook page or website.

Here's the menu:

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