Roka Akor Brings Visual Stimulation to New Ladies Night

Ever notice how Ladies Night never seems to actually be about the ladies? Sure, women get killer drink specials and free cover, but that only seems to be designed to attract more single men to a restaurant or bar on a slow night -- most of whom are secretly hoping one of the gals will sip a few too many cheap Pinot Noirs and be open to having their tonsils probed in public. Ugh. Enter Roka Akor's new Ladies Night from 5-10 p.m. Wednesdays, which promises visual stimulation of a different kind.

​Each week a female guest artist will display her works and mingle with guests. There will be a few casino nights or male artists included in the mix, says General Manager Muamer Habul, but the main focus is on female local artists. Think of it as a mini art show where you can meet-and-greet with the artist, and drink shochu or sake and eat sushi.

If all art shows were like that, the galleries would be packed! *hint, hint*  

Roka Akor's Ladies Night begins next Wednesday, February 3 with Catherine Slye, the Phoenix artist who recently showcased a series of interesting mixed media "imaginary landscapes" of Phoenix and Tempe at Practical Art. Exhibits of avant-garde art and Japanese prints are in the works for upcoming Ladies' Nights.

"It's a neat concept," says Slye. "It's a Ladies Night with purpose, which is to allow guests to interact with art and with artists." Slye plans to bring seven or eight pieces to Roka Akor and hang them from the slatted windows. In addition to the artist display, the restaurant is offering six discount drinks and three food specials plus their regular Izakaya Happy Hour menu.

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