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It's wine! It's pink!
BLUSH International Rosé Festival

An All-You-Can-Drink Rosé Festival Is Going Down This Weekend

When your car feels like a hair dryer and your dashboard blares a temperature that looks more like a house number or year AD, it's time to drink. And the biggest, pinkest hot-weather boozing in recent years has been none other than the great formerly scorned blush wine: rosato, rosado, rosé.

Lucky for sippers of rosé, a festival devoted to the stuff will be unfolding this weekend.

The inaugural BLUSH International Rosé Festival will be painting Scottsdale a light shade of pink. The festival will be held on Saturday, June 9, which our nefarious marketing overlords have dubbed National Rosé Day. But forget about the bogus non-holiday holiday and focus on what BLUSH brings your thirsty lips.

That's 75 kinds of rosé. Rosé from around the world. Three sessions of all-you-can drink pink wine goodness held inside The Clayton House in downtown Scottsdale. And unlimited food pairings.

Before you let yourself get jazzed about unlimited food and wine, consider the price. This event hits the wallet hard, with the sessions escalating from $60 to $75, and topping out at $90. (VIP tickets run $100 for the first session and $125 for the third.) With all that change, you could buy more bottles than you could drink.

The sessions run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.; from 3 to 6 p.m.; and from 7 to 10 p.m. Each features food unlike the others. (For more details and tickets, check out the festival's website.)

The event, too, will feature oversize backdrops designed for people who prefer to experience life in the digital world to the real one. There will be a circus of rosé-themed products, from gummy bears to candles.

And yes, there will even be rosé bath salts.

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