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"Run for Wine" in 2013

You might think running and fine food and wine don't mix. You think "runners" typically survive on power bars and coconut water, right? Well, apparently the owners of FnB, Charleen Badman and Pavle Milic, are both active (if you follow Milic on social media you know all about his running habits) and want you to run for wine . . . and food.

If your New Year's resolution is to begin working out -- but you love wine -- you'll want in on this contest.

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"The Color Run," an annual 5K, is Saturday, January 26, in Tempe. Start training now and join Charleen Badman and Pavle Milic's team, "FnB." The winner of team FnB (the person with the fastest time) will win a multi-course dinner for six paired with wine at FnB.

Last year, Mliic, the "wine guru" and co-owner of FnB, saw a video online about the race and told Badman that "we should start a team." As a joke, he says.

He signed up and started a team on active.com. Then reality hit and Milic "freaked out" when he saw his name under "captain," so he began training.

Over the next few weeks, he became faster and the FnB team grew. "To our surprise, we wound up with 90 team members," Milic says. (He's planning to complete his first full marathon later this month.)

"The community sort of got behind it," says Milic, and both he and Badman like supporting the charity of the race, Cardon Children's Hospital. In fact, last year, the winner of the FnB team also won The Color Run!

Interested in joining the team? Check out the video above -- it's a recap with some interviews from the team's participation last year. Some FnB team members also participated in 5Ks in Arizona wine country -- so they were familiar with "running for wine."

"When the winner decides to 'pick up' their award," then we'll set up the wine pairings." says Milic. "The menu is seasonable," so Milic will choose six wines from Arizona to serve with the meal.

If you want in, visit the active.com site to sign up for the race and join team FnB!

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