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Saffron Kitchen Pies: Last Farmers' Market Appearance 'til Fall

Andrea White of Saffron Kitchen has made a name for herself dishing up Sexy and Sassy pies at farmers' markets around town. If you're a regular, you've probably sampled her flaky, buttery crust at some point -- and if you're like us, been lured in by the droolworthy blown-up images of Saffron's popular chicken, leek and thyme stuffed Swanky pie that always seem to be lurking around.

White recently popped up (pun intended) at Cycle, the funky concrete-and-chalkboard-paint temporary restaurant inside downtown's Lexington Hotel. The South African-born chef paid homage to her homeland for the night with samosas, cod & potato cakes and Bobotie (curried mince with raisins and almonds).

"I loved that we were able to pull together our own South African menu, set up the dining area as a communal table... " says White. "Jeff & Erin Kraus of Truckin' Good fame & Eric & Julia Ireland from Torched Goodness were there and that really hit home how many great friends we have made during our first year." White's pop-up, Ubuntu, raised several hundred dollars for a charity to help out residents of a small South African community.  

What's she been up to since then? The busy chef is packing up her pies for the summer; at least where farmers' markets are concerned.

This weekend marks the last chance to score a Saffron Kitchen pie at the Saturday morning Phoenix Public Market and Scottsdale Old Town Farmers' Market or at the Ahwatukee Market on Sunday until the fall. Pre-made peach and apple Sweety pies, Sexy chutney-filled pies and frozen savory pies will be on hand (though you'll have to call ahead if you want one freshly baked).

In the summer months, Saffron Kitchen will be focusing on catering and wholesale orders. White would love to have a place of her own in the future, though for now she's excited that local retailers including the soon-to-open Oakville Grocery at CityScape will be carrying her products.

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