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Sam Fox Wants Us to Start Preparing for a "Life-Changing Food Experience"

Hey, how's your day going so far? Are you talking about last night's Oscars? (We all are!) Getting another cup of coffee? Planning where to go for lunch today?

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Well, stop it. Stop all of it. How can we be expected to focus on the little stuff when there's a "life-changing food experience" coming our way -- LIFE-CHANGING (all caps and it stays)? At least, that's what restaurateur and James Beard Award semifinalist Sam Fox says. And he wants us to start preparing for it.

Wait, do we need blankets? Someone get blankets!

Fox's "life-changing food experience" (LIFE-CHANGING) will happen on Camelback Road just west of 40th Street, in a strip mall space behind 7-Eleven and near Vincent on Camelback.

Spoiler alert: It's a restaurant.

A window sign at the location that simply reads "Eat & Live" also states that "we [Fox Restaurant Concepts] can't divulge the name of this new restaurant yet, but we want you to start preparing for a life-changing [LIFE-CHANGING] food experience."

Just how Fox's new restaurant, which a representative for the company tells me will be a fast-casual health concept to open this spring, will be a "life-changing (LIFE-CHANGING) food experience" is anyone's guess. Will the food send us to space? Cure cancer? Teach a child how to read? 'Cause as far as promises go, this one's a doozy.

Stay tuned for details.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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