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Sam Fox's Flower Child: A Beautiful Place for Healthy, Expensive Food That Doesn't Taste Very Good

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Unfortunately if you're after a place that delivers on things like taste and affordability, you'll have to keep looking.

The menu at this counter service spot offers a small selection of starters, soups, salads, vegetable and grain plates, wraps, and hot pots. There are also two daily soups, one vegetable-based and one protein-based; seasonal lemonades; and a kids menu. There's alcohol to be had, though it's all organic -- because this is a healthy place, after all.

We started with an order of the avocado hummus (read: guacamole), which featured corn, pepitas, and radish. It was actually one of the better things we tried at Flower Child despite the fact that it tasted like store-bought guacamole with a few extra bits thrown in for texture. The accompanying "pita" was the same stuff they were using in the wraps, a thin, doughy cross between a tortilla and actual pita bread. It did its job as a vehicle for the hummus perfectly fine, although its floppiness required you spread it with a knife rather than dip as you would with traditional hummus.

As for the vegetable and grain plates, they let you create-your-own combination of sides including red chili glazed sweet potato, broccoli and Parmesan, fresh seasonal fruit, and snap pea soba noodles. One selection will cost you $4, two $7, or $10 and that's without any sort of meat.

We tried a plate with sweet corn and quinoa with Greek yogurt and Indian spiced cauliflower with tumeric, date, and almond. We also added a portion of all natural chicken for $5, bringing the total price for the meal to $12 -- a pretty steep price tag considering the portion size.

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