Sam Fox's New Restaurant Gets Even More Arrogant with their Meat

The Arrogant Butcher publicity machine is at it again. When the Sam Fox eatery first opened at downtown's CityScape in mid-February of this year, the place was flooded with VIP parties that made it look like the most popular joint in town -- before it even opened to the public.

It was a clever tactic, and one that came as no surprise considering the arrogance of a restaurant whose website actually says, "What's good on the menu? You mean, besides everything?"

(Uh, not so much, according to this week's review by Kathleen Vanesian.)

Today, via Facebook, The Arrogant Butcher announced a "Budget Burger" special with the goal of helping to balance the state budget. For $6, you get a plain burger patty served on a bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and ketchup (additional ingredients cost 50 cents each), with all of the proceeds going directly into the State of Arizona General Fund. It's a decent deal, as Arrogant burgers usually run $9 at lunchtime.  

We know "every little bit helps," but really, how big of a dent will this burger binge make in our state's debt? While there's some disagreement about just how high the budget shortfall is, most estimates put it at about one billion dollars. To knock off even one percent of that deficit, Arrogant Butcher would have to sell 1,666,666 burgers.

Which leads us to wonder, is this really about helping the state, or is it just another ingenious marketing gimmick? Either way, the special only runs today (Wednesday, April 6), so run out now if you want to put your pennies in the state's coffers.

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