Samantha Dickerson's Rough Draft

Yesterday we met Samantha Dickerson, who tends bar at Cowboy Ciao and Kazimirez World Wine Bar in Scottsdale. Her's her award-winning recipe for the Rough Draft cocktail.

Yesterday, Dickerson explained her view of cocktail craft, differentiating bar tending and mixology.

Her choice of words echoed the phrasing of a quality chef: A cocktail as a drink
should stand on its own; a cocktail should be about the liquor; superior
ingredients make a difference.

Samantha's Rough Draft reflects her view. Great
ingredients, a nice balance of sweet and sour, and best of all -- smooth going

Rough Draft

¾ oz Makers Mark ½ oz Canton Ginger Liqueur ¼ oz Yellow Chartreuse 1/8 oz Carpano Antica Formula Juice of ½ fresh lemon 1 cube of spiced crystallized ginger Place cube of ginger in bottom of chilled martini glass Mix Makers Mark, Canton Ginger Liqueur, Yellow Chartreuse, and Carpano Antica in a shaker.

Add freshly squeezed lemon juice, shake and pour.

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