Wake Up Call

Samurai Sword Bandit Knocks Over Church's Chicken

Did we miss the memo stating that swords were in this season? In yet another case of "sword wielding person makes the news," a person in Missouri is being sought for holding up a Church's Chicken at samurai sword-point.

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According to the local news report, the suspect breezed into the Churches Chicken around 10 PM and pointed a sword at the worker behind the counter. Of course the oddest bit of the surveillance footage is probably how everyone reacts once the sword comes out. Watch the gentlemen in the white shirt and hat. His "reaction" is priceless.

There probably should be an award for Mr. White Shirt's composure during an armed robbery. He doesn't even look upset that his order is likely going to be delayed.

As Eater.com notes, this is not the first time that someone took it upon themselves to use a sword to comission a crime. Just a few short months ago, a Dairy Queen clerk in Las Vegas gunned down another sword wielding criminal. On the flip side, how could we forget the vigilatnism of the Light Rail Ninja?

This begs two obvious questions:

1. Who would win between the Light Rail Ninja and the Fried Chicken Swordsman? 2. Will this spate of criminal cutlery lead to a crackdown on so-called high-capacity swords?

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Ando Muneno
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