Four delicious doughnuts from Donut Bar, which will be coming to Scottsdale.EXPAND
Four delicious doughnuts from Donut Bar, which will be coming to Scottsdale.
Dillon Rosenblatt

San Diego's Donut Bar Coming to Scottsdale

If you've ever been to San Diego you have most likely been to or heard about Donut Bar. But for those who have not, the company has amazing doughnuts with even more creative names, and you can have your chance to eat them every day since it is opening a location in Scottsdale, according to its Instagram.

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With only three locations to date — two in San Diego, one in Las Vegas — Donut Bar is set to open eight more, including the one in Arizona.

Thrillist rates it as one of the 31 best doughnut shops in America and the best in California.  But this isn't just your regular doughnut shop; it's also a bar, as the name clearly states.

Alcohol and dougnuts.  Is there a better combination? Alcohol in the doughnuts?  Even better.

If you look at the menu, or the company's Instagram (highly recommend!) you'll see it is famous for the Big Poppa Tart Donut, Nutella Overload, and Creme Brulee, among many others.

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