Sanctuary's Hollywood Dinner Series Not Very Glamorous

The premise of Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain's gourmet dinner series, "Hollywood Bites" is pretty enticing: diners are treated to a meal prepared by our own local celebu-chef Beau MacMillan, alongside Hollywood royalty.

With Lady Gaga in town this weekend, we wondered who this month's featured celebrity would be. The diva herself? Her friend and fellow performer Lady Starlight?

No, at $100 per person, Sanctuary is aiming for more mature and sophisticated crowd. Only the blue-hairs will likely recognize WKRP in Cincinnati creator Hugh Wilson, who also directed Guarding Tess and The First Wives Club. In honor of Wilson's popular TV show, Beau Mac will prepare a Cincinnati-inspired feast that includes his take on chili and Graeter's-style ice cream.    

Maybe Beau Mac just doesn't like sharing the spotlight, but there are no actual bona-fide celebs featured at Sanctuary's Hollywood Bites dinner series -- just behind-the-scenes folks whose works you may or may not remember. Previous guests have included Ghost director Jerry Zucker, and Philip Rosenthal, executive producer of the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.

Interestingly, the event cost has been lowered since the series first started advertising last November.

If you've got a script to pitch, or if you just enjoy hobnobbing with anyone in Hollywood's infamously closed-off TV circles, the Hollywood Bites dinner with Hugh Wilson starts at 6:30 p.m. this Monday, March 28 on Sanctuary's Praying Monk patio. Major League Baseball sportscaster Marty Brennaman will also make an appearance.  

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Wynter Holden
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