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Denise: Sports events, mountain bike racing.

Bite Me: Do you like it?

Denise: Action photography.

Bite Me: How do you do it? How do you get those shots?

Denise: I find a spot and shoot as they come towards me.

Bite Me: So what's your story?

Denise: I came here to go to school and I spent the last year traveling. I went to the Kern River in California, the American River, and I was in Costa Rica for four months. I went everywhere.

Bite Me: It's so cheap there, in Costa Rica. I went there for a few weeks, my only trip out of the country. Did you love it?

Denise: Yes. It was a good experience. I shot white-water rafting, kayaking competitions and mountain biking. Then I came back here and started a company, Adrenaline Photos.

Bite Me: Good name.

Denise: We do on-site sales. We sell our photos online the day after. People can see their photos and buy them online. (Doesn't that sound a damn lot better than those pushy folks at the amusement parks who urge you to buy pictures of yourself lookin' all deranged as you plunge down a roller coaster?)

Bite Me: Is that what you'd most like to be doing?

Denise: That's what I like to do, what I do now.

Bite Me: Just bigger. So are you busy?

Denise: I've only been doing it a month, but I have my next month and a half planned. It's just me and my boyfriend. He does the computer programming, database . . . all that stuff.

Bite Me: Super duper. So what'd you eat tonight?

Denise: We all had a little bit of everything. They have great sushi. It's the best in Phoenix.

Bite Me: I like your boots.

Denise: Thanks. They were a gift.

Bite Me: Why doesn't anyone ever buy me shoes as a gift? People buy me Tinkerbell figurines and flasks and near-dead goldfish. I never get shoes. Shout-out to my friends and family. I'm a size 7 and a half and I'm partial to shoes that make my shrimp self tall.

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