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Sara Siso, Part One

Chef Sara Siso is on a mission. Armed with the simplest of weapons, a raw vegan diet, Chef Sara is out to defeat the epidemic of diseases that she sees plaguing our nation, diseases she attributes to SAD, the Standard American Diet.

While many chefs approach food preparation with taste as their first priority, Chef Sara is more concerned with how foods work in our bodies and how we can keep ourselves healthy through adopting a raw vegan lifestyle.

In 1997, while losing a sister to cancer and seeing the ineffectual results of traditional medicine, Chef Sara was compelled to learn about alternative methods of treating disease. Her quest led her to the Hippocrates health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida where she learned about the medicinal properties of food and the pluses of proper food combining.

Now, through the various programs she offers, Chef Sara helps people to find the healing power in food, mainly fruits and vegetables, what she calls "nature's medicine chest". Her website, Chef Sara Signature Creations is an informational powerhouse on what a plant based diet can do for us and how delicious it can truly be. She is currently working on a series of cookbooks that will provide the benefits of ingredients alongside the recipes. Chef Sara wants us to not only enjoy the flavors of food, but also the peace of mind that comes with doing something that we know is good for us.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Chef Sara and talk about her raw foods mission.

Do you feel like you've had a calling to heal people?

Yes, I do. Seeing the changes in others that have been heeled is so rewarding. Clients come to me with asthma, allergies, stress, diabetes, cancer, all kinds of diseases and I can see the difference in them after working with them. It's so overwhelming to see how I've been able to impact people's lives. What can be more rewarding than saving lives.

Do you think a raw foods diet would have caught on 15 or 20 years ago? Or have we evolved and become more sophisticated in our knowledge of foods and therefore, it works?

Raw food has been existing for many many years, but now, because of the epidemic of diseases we are encountering from all the processing of foods and pesticides and the poison that is out there, people are forced to look for alternatives. People are so sick and desperate for something to work. The answers aren't coming through traditional medicine and people realize they need to look down different avenues. Slowly slowly raw vegan is becoming more popular. When you see raw vegan, people they don't have diseases and it's proof that a raw vegan diet works. It's still a baby, but it will be a huge thing.

Has there been an increase in demand for the kind of conscientious eating you are promoting?

Oh yeah, big time.

With all the raw food chefs out there, what makes you stand out?
It really is my knowledge of food combining that I got from studying at the Hippocrates Health Institute. A lot of chefs out there really don't know how to combine foods properly. Also, I am more concerned with making sick people well again, rather than being out there preparing food all day long. So, it's different.

What is your opinion on vitamins?
You might as well take your money and flush it down the toilet. You're wasting money.
You have all the vitamins you need in the food if you eat a raw vegan diet. It's all there, alive in the food.

(This was part one of our Chef Chat with Sara Siso. Check out part two tomorrow and one of her recipes on Thursday.)

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