Say Yes to Sustainability at ThanksLIVING at Green

To create more a family-friendly atmosphere, the restaurant is hosting face painting, craft sales, live music and a lecture by Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary. Green is also holding a blanket and towel drive for caged animals.

Tickets are $24.95 for adults in advance, $28.95 for adults the day of, $8.95 for kids in advance and $12.95 for kids the day of. They're already selling quickly (you may also purchase them the day of the event), but Brasch will accomodate crowds by setting up extra tables outside. To-go orders--with eco-friendly take-out boxes!--are also available.

Brasch says judging by last year's event's success, he expects the community to embrace sustainable eating once again this year.

"It's a day to give thanks, and it's also a day to choose compassion," Brasch says. "In the world we live in, we have a mantra that says, 'Peace begins on your plate.' I think it's a great step forward to give thanks for the earth and the healthfulness of all of its creatures."

For more info, log on to www.greenvegetarian.com


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