Scottsdale Chefs Cook for Tailgate Party at the Bud Light Fiesta Next Week

Oregon or Auburn? We're still on the fence about which team we hope wins the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) next week. What we're really excited about is the Bud Light Fiesta going on at Scottsdale's SouthBridge January 3-7.

As the name of the festival implies, there will be plenty of beer. To compliment the amply flowing booze, some of Scottsdale's top chefs including James Porter of Petite Maison have signed up to provide grub for the $2 Tailgate Party that comes as part of the celebration.


Find out which other restaurants are involved, and what they're serving, after the jump.

So far, 11 eateries are involved including Culinary DropoutMetro Brasserie and Tapas Papa Frita. Each day, six of them will offer samples of their food for just two bucks a plate. You can find the whole menu here, but trust us, it's more fun to watch the chefs pimp their cuisine via some silly promo videos that have been released. Consider the one below a post-holiday present from us to you.

The Bud Light Fiesta will be open from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday and 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Wednesday through Friday of next week.

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