Scottsdale Culinary Festival Begins, Jamba Juice BOGO, Taco Tuesday and The KFC Double Down in Today's Eater's Digest.

An early morning serving of food news, with no preservatives or additives.

Today is the first day of the 2010 Scottsdale Culinary Festival. The big event, The Great Arizona Picnic, isn't until this weekend, but you can still hit up the one of four swanky parties leading up to the event or, if your pockets are lined with gold, maybe one of the fancy chef's dinners. Visit the Scottsdale Culinary Festival website to see how you can get in on the action.

Jamba Juice turns 20 years old this month and they are celebrating with buy one get one free coupons for everyone! Just click here, print the coupon, take it down to your nearest Jamba Juice and enjoy. Offer ends April 25th so hurry up and take advantage of this juicy deal. For locations, visit www.jambajuice.com

It's Taco Tuesday! If you are in Scottsdale be sure to hit up Cien Agaves for $1 shredded beef tacos and $2 Tecates all day. Their tacos are sure to triumph over most anything else you can get for $1 in Scottsdale.

Yesterday was the day the KFC Double Down made its debut. If you have yet to see this monstrosity, it consists of bacon and cheese sandwiched between two chicken breasts, fried or grilled, then covered in some sort of sauce. No bread, no tomato, not even a shred of lettuce in sight. Meat cheese, meat, cheese, meat. We can't wait to hear what our own Fry Girl, Laura Hahnefeld, has to say about it.

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