Scottsdale Golf Club "Taking It to the Streets" With Its Own Food Truck; Valley Food Truck Scene Jumps Shark at Exact Same Time

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In what may be the Valley food truck scene's shark-jump moment, a Scottsdale golf club has exited the fairway and merged onto Trend Route 101 with its own roving mobile kitchen.

Introduced in February, the food truck, named "Chuck" (yeah, it's got a name), hails from Grayhawk Golf Club, the public course that opened in 1994 and features Phil Mickelson as its ambassador. Grayhawk says it joined the growing army of food trucks with "a new way to enjoy some of the good food and vibes even when you can't get to the course."

Plus, Chuck's got some mad social media skills, 'natch.

Since "taking it to the streets," Chuck's been seen at the Gilbert Farmers Market, the Airpark Design Center in Scottsdale, even at the flippin' New Times. The grub's included bites like a pulled pork sandwich, bacon pancakes, and grilled cheese.

And what's a food truck these days without some mad social media skills? Chuck's got 'em fo shizzle with his own Facebook page and Twitter account (where he admits to enjoying big crowds, loud music and great food) so fans can know exactly where he'll show up next.

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