Scratch That: A French Breakfast at Scratch Pastries

In an effort to make Mom proud, Chow Bella's taking a good, hard look at the most important meal of the day in the form of Scrambled, a weekly review of local breakfast spots.

This week we were craving some culture and found ourselves heading to Scratch Pastries in Scottsdale. Scratch is very French - and all the good things and bad things that go along with being French.

We were at first taken back by the oh-so-Euro décor including chairs clothed in bright red satin, place mats made of black lace, and framed covers of French Vogue. But once our eyes had time to adjust, we enjoyed feeling like we had snuck into the bedroom of a French cabernet performer. The techno music and French rantings of the chef only solidified our blissful bedazzlement at the uniqueness of this place.

How was the food? Find out after the jump. 

The Sunny Side: The menu consists of a fair selection of French classics: quiche, omelets, waffles, pastries, and a variety of hollandaise concoctions. Although famous for their pastries, we wanted to experience their more interesting offerings.

We started with the Crepe Suzette, a delicious whole-wheat crepe with grand marnier flambé and orange juice ($8.00). The crepe arrived in a puddle of orange juice. The texture was moist but firm - perfectly balanced. And the flavor was delicious - although we could taste the pure sugar in each bite. It tasted a lot like a honey bun. We love honey buns.

We then moved on to the Eggs Florentine ($7.50): two poached eggs, spinach, cheese on an English muffin with hollandaise sauce, hashbrowns, and a salad. Although we're perplexed by the somehow reoccurring phenomenon of a breakfast salad, we appreciated the multiple side dishes. The hashbrowns were the perfect consistency and had a subtle, peppery flavor that we loved. We just love a good hashbrown.

The sandwich was shockingly good. The thick hollandaise had a mustard flavor and taste of paprika - similar to the taste of a deviled egg. It was a unique variation on the traditional overly buttery and thin hollandaise. The spinach and egg were cooked perfectly. We're not sure if we've ever seen such skillfully poached eggs. They looked like white, shiny, fortune-telling globes.

Our only complaint was the English muffin was really difficult to cut into, making the dish difficult to eat. But don't worry, we managed to stuff our faces anyway.

Save Your Bacon: The service resembled the notorious French disdain of Americans. The server was terse and everything came out slow. To top it off, the coffee was only lukewarm and there are no free refills. It's not like the coffee justified the refill policy - it was regular old black coffee. We also thought the pricing was a little steep for the crepe. Although the Florentine came with a whole plate of goodies, the crepe, at 50 cents more, barely resembled an entire meal.

The Check: The food was awesome. The service was not. 

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