Season Two of Check, Please! Premieres January 5
Photo by: Eight, Arizona PBS

Season Two of Check, Please! Premieres January 5

Season two of Check, Please! Arizona on KPBS premieres at 7 p.m. Thursday, January 5 with Chef/Host Robert McGrath at the head of the table, once again.

Read on for a sneak preview of some of the restaurants featured this season...

If you haven't seen Check, Please! Arizona, viewers nominate themselves and their favorite restaurants to be on the show. For each episode, three viewers and their restaurant nominations are chosen to be examined around a dining table with McGrath moderating the food talk. Each of the three viewers, visit each of the three restaurants chosen, and then come together to the taping at a moodily lit dining/round table on-air discussion to share their impressions, likes, dislikes, and whatever they deem important to know about the chosen spots. Before each restaurant gab session, a nicely presented video (with an upbeat/jazzy soundtrack) about the restaurant featuring the clips of food, the ambiance and sometimes the chef/owner narrating.

A few of the guests have been in-the-know food bloggers or adventuresome eaters, but many are professionals outside the food industry who love to eat and want to share their unbiased opinion of places they adore like hole-in-the-wall ethnic gems, vegan hot spots or experimental haute cuisine.

Some of restaurants you'll get to see in the 2012 season: Bravo! Bistro in Scottsdale, 15.quince grill and cantina in Jerome, Essence Bakery Cafe in Tempe, Nobou at Teeter House in Phoenix and Vogue Bistro in Surprise. They'll even be taking a road trip up north, the January 26 episode will feature all Sedona-based restaurants.

If you missed season one or don't have a television, they've graciously put all episodes and restaurant segments online so that you can watch them anytime you please.

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