Sens Gives 100 Percent to Haiti Relief

A lot of local restaurants have really stepped up to help out with the Haiti earthquake relief effort, but Sens Asian Tapas & Sake Bar is going all the way.

Chef-owner Johnny Chu says that 100 percent of food proceeds from his charity event next Tuesday, February 23, will be donated to the Red Cross. That's right -- your whole meal will go toward the fundraising effort, so show up hungry and bring friends. (Feel free to donate some extra cash while you're at it.)

After I heard from Chu, I got in the mood for some of his soup gyoza, so I stopped by for lunch. Usually I share these with friends, but since I stopped by solo, I got four bites of juicy dumpling bliss all to myself -- they're filled with pork and a delicious broth that bursts into your mouth when you eat them.

I also had the lime mint beef, a fun-to-eat appetizer that perks up the palate with thinly sliced beef, shredded fresh mint leaves, crushed peanuts, and plenty of citrus pucker. When you spoon a little bit onto one of the puffy rice crackers that come with it, the sensation is sort of like a savory Pop Rocks -- an audible treat.


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