The view from inside Lo Lo's new digs.
The view from inside Lo Lo's new digs.
JK Grence

September Openings and Closings

September was a dark month for lovers of Asian food throughout the Valley. Dim sum spot Golden Buddha smiled its last smile. A dispute over rent shuttered Korean market and secret kitchen Paldo Market.

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But at the same time Phoenix added a rather unique delivery service and storied Lo Lo's moved into fancier and more spacious environs.

September Openings: Nighttime Nosh My Popcorn Kitchen The Grind (Grayhawk) La Prima Donna The Handlebar & Grill Vovomeena Rusconi's American Kitchen Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles (New Location) Market Street Kitchen The House

September Closings: Stacy's Smokehouse BBQ Fusion Sushi & China Bistro Turkish Kitchen Paldo Market Floyd's Kitchen Gaspers Casual Italian Dining Golden Buddha Lao Ching Hing

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